STUART ASBJORNSEN - Director of Photography

Stuart and director Phil Scarpaci have been friends and worked together for many years. This familiarity was especially helpful during the production of "In The Key of Eli" since Phil’s time was split, not only directing but also playing a character in the film.

Stuart has shot many documentaries as well as working for extended periods of time in episodic television which has provided him with considerable practice in working quickly and efficiently.

"In The Key of Eli" used a variety of locations and had a pretty good-sized cast. There were at least 12 distinct locations ranging from the port of LA to the hills of Ventura County and 10 cast members for a shoot only 15 days long. Evocative scenes of the character, Eli, were made with modern film stock cut down to super 8 dimension, and shot with a camera Stuart has owned since he was fourteen! Director Phil Scarpaci and Stuart tried to make the most of each location and include a lot of visual texture in each scene.

Collaborating with Phil and Producers Pattie Kelly and Darren Anderson on "In The Key of Eli" as well as a previous film, "Blue Bus", made for very challenging, exciting and rewarding adventures. Stuart considers them both really excellent films and is very proud to have played a part in their production.


"In The Key of Eli" is the latest of Brian’s collaborations with Phil Scarpaci and Scarpaci/Kelly Productions. Brian wrote "A Doll in the Dark", directed by Phil, and co-authored several episodes of "Beyond the Page", a children’s video series for Disney, with Scarpaci/Kelly. "Paris is For…", directed by James Russell of the Russell/Rutherford Group is currently in post-production.

As a playwright, Brian has been produced in New York and Los Angeles with "Van Gogh On Prozac", "Ceremony", "Take Back the Night" and "The Sound of Many Waters" (co-written with William MacDuff).

Brian hung out with Eli Trainor during Eli’s time in New York. CBGB’s was their home away from after hours home. Eli wrote his hit song "Serendipity" after a weekend of booze and drugs. Brian was there. He can barely remember it.

After Eli died, Brian fell out of touch with Auggie and Joey.


Chris entered the dark world of the editing room through the dark world of the movie theatre, where he spent much of his youth admiring the films of Ingmar Bergman, Eric Rohmer, John Cassavettes and many others.

While working in a sound-mixing studio in Sweden, he discovered the craft of the editor by piecing together outtakes, slates, misprints and anything else he could find on celluloid. Chris rarely works with film these days, but he enjoys a career as an editor and continues to hone his craft on a variety of projects, taking every one as a learning experience, a new opportunity to tell a story.

Worland has edited over 16 independent features including award-winners "Blue Bus", "The Gold Bracelet", "Blind Ambition", and "Welcome to September", the action-packed, "Raven", for New Line, "Little Bigfoot" for Republic Pictures, "The Silencers" and "Magic Kid 2" for Showtime, "Steel Frontier" for HBO and "Inferno", a MOW for Paramount. Television series credits include "Son of the Beach", "Team Knight Rider", "Silk Stalkings" and "Land of the Lost".

Worland edited the award-winning shorts "Dilemma" and "lil' Scrappy Boy" and is currently working on "Under the American Sun", a documentary on Filipino labor camps in Guam, and "Spout", a short narrative. He has also been a regular contributor on FYI films (Films by Youth Inside), a series of short subjects written, directed and acted by youth in correctional facilities.


Born in Louisiana, raised in Texas, W.G. Snuffy Walden started piano lessons at the age of six before deciding after a year that the self-taught method was the better choice. While attending college in Houston on a double major of pre-med and math, he worked at a late-night radio show and played guitar in a strip club. Then one day he dropped out of school, quit his job and strapped on his guitar full-time. "I went from being a wannabe doctor to a rock musician. Hey, it was the sixties; it was a different time." In 1968, he formed a blues-based rock trio, Stray Dog, who relocated from Texas to England. Snuffy recorded several albums and then relocated to Los Angeles where he continued his solo career and began touring with artists such as Chaka Khan, Eric Burdon and Donna Summer.

It was during this period that a couple of film and television agents heard Snuffy playing guitar during regular monthly gigs at a Santa Monica nightclub. "When they asked me about scoring for film and television, I wasn’t sure what it entailed," Snuffy confesses, "but I could see the handwriting on the wall for touring, and it wasn’t pretty. I kept envisioning Holiday Inn at age 60."

Snuffy later found out that the only reason he got the interview with the producers of "thirtysomething" was because they wanted to see the guy with a name like "Snuffy." Regardless, he submitted a tape. "I never heard a word so I assumed they hated it. They were about to sign another composer when they popped the audio and video cassettes in and loved the music and the way it worked with the show. That was ‘thirtysomething’, the first show I did." Snuffy scored the pilot, the series and wrote the theme.

A month and a half after "thirtysomething" went on the air, he got a call asking if he would be interested in a "little show" premiering after the Super Bowl. The show turned out to be "The Wonder Years". Snuffy scored the pilot, then went on to score the series, and revamped a Beatles song for the end credits.

Snuffy went on to score "Ellen", "Roseanne", "Sisters", "The Jackie Thomas Show," and many other television shows; more than a dozen cable films and movies for television; several independent films; and the major release "Leaving Normal." He has received twelve Emmy nominations and was awarded the Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Theme for "The West Wing".

ELLEN GREENBERG - Production Designer

An alumni of Moore College of Art and Design, Ellen Greenberg hails from Philadelphia where she was an interior designer and also designed her own line of couture wear. This segued into costuming and art directing commercials, documentaries and industrials.

In 1981, she moved to Los Angeles and expanded into costume and production design for theater, television, music videos, and feature films. She has worked with John Travolta, Morgan Fairchild, Sean Connery, John Houseman, Bonnie Hunt, Demi Moore, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Amy Smart, Martin Mull, Phyllis Diller, Robert Stack, Peter Ustinov, Jay Leno, Michael McKean, Robbie Robertson, Judge Reinhold, Milton Berle, Dom DeLuise, Herbie Hancock, Richard Kind, Shirley Jones, and many others.

Projects have run the gamut from a world premiere of a period dramatic play, "The Abbey Yard" at the Odyssey Theatre, episodic TV, "The Power Rangers", "Unsolved Mysteries", "True Confessions" to feature films, "High Voltage", "Space Baby and Mental Man", "April’s Shower", "Laughing it Up", and "Welcome to September" to over 250 commercials.

Ellen has also authored a book on chocolate, Inside Chocolate, Harry N. Abrams, Publisher, New York, 1985, and is the owner of "Quick Culture", an art appreciation and cultural tour company that provides tours at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the art districts in Los Angeles. In addition, she designs and leads painting and photography workshops in Europe.


Darren Anderson was born in Portsmouth, England. Even though from a very young age Darren found himself playing the lead roles in many school and later college plays he never quite felt comfortable in front of the camera. There was an interest and excitement Darren felt in the process of putting a performance together. After leaving college with qualifications in Art, Design, Media Studies and production Media Darren decided to move to the states to figure out where his passion for media would lead him.

Darren’s first job in television would be as a production assistant for an infomercial company based just outside Los Angeles, California. He quickly realized this was a perfect opportunity to be around and learn the creative and logistical process of production from the ground up. It was there Darren was introduced to his two mentors Pattie Kelly and Phil Scarpaci who would guide him through all aspects of television production. With a thirst for knowledge and a lot of hard work he soon found himself climbing the ladder in the production world first as a production coordinator then production manager and then line producer. In the following years Darren would be involved with many different types of production including commercials, music videos, educational programming and independent feature films.

"In the Key of Eli" is Darren Anderson’s second feature film as a producer.


Originally from New Mexico, Pattie Kelly has always been involved in the arts, equally comfortable behind the scenes as well as an accomplished musician and performer. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Television Production and a Minor in Music and Theatre from West Texas A&M, Ms. Kelly was transplanted to Los Angeles where she began working in television production, eventually becoming a producer for many commercials and industrials for companies such as Ford and Proctor and Gamble. Recently, she has produced fund raising commercials on location in Brazil and Indonesia for the international children’s charity, ChildFund.

Ms. Kelly produced the critically acclaimed world premiere of "The Abbey Yard" at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. A period drama set in early twentieth century Ireland, she also co-wrote, produced and performed on the play’s original soundtrack. This production of "The Abbey Yard" was the first pairing of Scarpaci and Kelly as a producing and directing team and would ultimately become the catalyst that launched their enduring partnership and Scarpaci/Kelly Productions.

With Scarpaci, she created and developed the whimsical world of the Beyond the Page Café, a children’s space that was the basis for the award winning Disney children’s series "Beyond the Page". In addition to producing the series, Ms. Kelly also wrote the first three episodes of "Beyond the Page". Also for Disney, Scarpaci/Kelly has just completed the third episode for the award winning children’s series,"Safety Smart Science" with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Feature films include "Welcome to September" which won the Cine Golden Eagle, Berkeley Film Festival, Swansea Bay Film Festival and Mania Film Festival and is distributed worldwide by York Entertainment. "Blue Bus" won Memphis International Film Festival, Macon Film Festival, River Bend Film Festival and Swansea Bay Film Festival in Wales.

Ms. Kelly is also the CEO of Scarpaci/Kelly Productions.


Phil Scarpaci started his directorial career working at the Group Repertory Theatre in Los Angeles and since those early days has helmed award winning endeavors that include feature films, children’s programming, commercials and theater.

Prior to this year’s just completed, "In The Key of Eli", Mr. Scarpaci’s last film, "Blue Bus" (2009), won Best International Feature at the Swansea Bay International Film Festival, Wales. It also won Best Feature Film at the Memphis International Film Festival and was a winner at the Macon Film Festival. His previous feature "Welcome to September" had an award-winning run on the Indie film festival circuit as well. September is distributed by York Entertainment.

Mr. Scarpaci has been directing award winning Disney Programming for over 20 years. In 2009 he garnered the prestigious IDMA/DVDA Excellence Awards for Excellence in Children’s Programming for his latest Disney project, "Bill Nye the Science Guy" and is currently in post production on a new Bill Nye project.

Mr. Scarpaci’s diverse directing background has one thing in common: his ability to establish a creative and collaborative work environment. It’s not uncommon for actors to say Phil’s approach to directing promotes some of "my best work ever" and that his feel for the material and his touch with actors are what make it so special to work with him.