Buttoned up junior attorney Sydney Babcock is right on track with her perfectly ordered life. She’s got the perfect job at the perfect company, and she’s about to marry the perfect guy.

When a last minute assignment tears her away from her Midwestern bridal shower, she heads to exotic, chaotic Los Angeles where she runs smack into a wacky bunch of mismatched characters who comprise the remaining “entourage” of a long dead rock star named Eli Trainor. She must seek their help to locate and bring back her company’s recently acquired assets; the master tapes of Eli Trainor’s eagerly anticipated, never released second album. There’s just one problem. Supposedly, the “only” masters went down with Eli in a tragic plane crash some thirty years ago.

The scent of money is in the air and it’s game on for Sydney as she tries to navigate through completely unfamiliar territory full of ulterior motives, silly old vendettas and good old fashioned greed. The only question is, are the locals truly trying to help Sydney find the lost masters or will Eli Trainor and “the music that might have been” always remain an almost perfect rock and roll mystery?